Tyto Online | Immersed Games
3D Artist
Technical Artist
Immersed Games
Windows and Mac
Autodesk Software
Unreal Engine
My Contributions
  1. Created 3D modeling and animation assets via software packages to enhance game-play.
  2. Designed textured layouts and concept art for aesthetic usage in cinematics and the Tyto Online video game.
  3. Actively promoted the company utilizing correspondence methods.
Project Specifications
  1. Tyto Online is a MMORPG where you play as an evacuee from the now uninhabitable Earth. You're settling on the planet Ovo to study at Tyto Academy as you establish your new life. Explore and complete quests while learning real science concepts. These are designed to be appropriate for 9 years old and up.
  2. Empowering students to be authentic science problem solvers. Students solve a food shortage using genetics, or figure out that animals are sick from microplastics by examining the ecosystem and collecting data.