Simtopia | Maxis Studios - Electronic Arts
Technical Artist
3D Artist
Maxis Studios, Electronic Arts
Carnegie Mellon University
HTC Vive Pro
Autodesk Software
Unity Game Engine
My Contributions
  1. Led a team of five as the producer to create a discovery project utilizing Vive Pro and HTC Vive.

  2. Served as the liaison between Electronic Arts, Maxis Studios and Carnegie Mellon University.

  3. Implemented SCRUM and agile techniques to produce efficient results and maintained team documentation. 

  4. Spearheaded the character technical art pipeline (concepts, models, rigs, animations).

  5. Worked with the designers and programmers to develop gestures that would be interesting in VR.

  6. Play tested the experience and recorded results to inform better design decisions for future implementation

Project Specifications
  1. For this client project, my academic graduate team (known as Simtopia) at Carnegie Mellon was paired up with Electronic Art's Maxis Studios' development team to create a virtual reality project! Simtopia is a technical team of five people, each with a unique skillset of ranging from technical art and design to programming and sound – but all with a knack for cooking up crazy ideas. Working with a development team at Electronic Arts – Maxis Studios, Simtopia is developing a new gaming experience based in virtual reality utilizing the Vive Pro and HTC Vive. By empowering player creativity and emergent storytelling, Simtopia aims to pitch their unique ideas to the team and build a rich worldly interactive experience in this game discovery project.
  2. Client Testimonial from Maxis Studios, Electronic Arts: