Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway | Walt Disney World
Animatronics Programmer, 
Technical Animator
Walt Disney Imagineering
Themed Entertainment
Autodesk Software
Internal Robotics Software
Adobe Creative Cloud
Unity Game Engine
My Contributions
  1. Programmed Audio-Animatronics for Walt Disney World's Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway.
  2. Rigged and animated characters utilizing Autodesk Maya and MotionBuilder in the local Florida workshops.
  3. Conducted research with the research and development team on developing upon future animatronics.
  4. Automated pipelines by developing tools to maximize efficiency using Python.
  5. Set up visualization sequences with the pipeline team in Oculus VR to test movement in the attraction.
  6. Tested interactive show-set pieces on-site in the FL attraction and debugged any issues with animation.
  7. Supported teams (mechanical engineers, costuming, etc.) as a technical artist and tested robotics for safety.
  8. Updated animations, rigs, test-beds, and software for the animation and programming teams while onsite.
Project Specifications
  1. Audio-Animatronics is the registered trademark for a form of robotics created by Walt Disney Imagineering for shows and attractions at Disney theme parks, and subsequently expanded on and used by other companies. The robots move and make noise, generally in speech or song. An Audio-Animatronic is different from an android-type robot in that it uses prerecorded movements and sounds, rather than responding to external stimuli. 
  2. Show Programmers at Walt Disney Imagineering facilitate development of animation for Audio-Animatronics figures, animated props, or ride systems by programming intricately controlled themed attraction sequences, and/or integrating show control systems with rides, Audio-Animatronics figures, and other show elements such as special effects, audio/video, show lighting, etc. These highly technical positions require strong creative intuition and the ability to collaborate closely with Creative, Engineering, Manufacturing, Media Production, and Theme Park Maintenance teams.
  3. As a Show Programmer/ Technical Animator, I am responsible for creating compelling storytelling with cutting-edge technology to bring Audio-Animatronics characters to life in Disney Theme Park Attractions around the world. Our team is constantly challenged to create innovative new ideas for animating, staging, and creating the illusion of life within a physical theme park attraction. Often, we collaborate with Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and Creative Directors to deliver the creative intent of the directors within the limitations of the physical world.