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Hello! I'm Sahar


And I am a technical artist based in Los Angeles, California with specialties in character simulation, technical animation, rigging, and pipeline tool engineering.

By leveraging my hybrid background in both art and computer science engineering, I have a passion for creating deep immersive experiences through animation and storytelling as well as bridging the gap between art and technology on interdisciplinary teams.


I am currently a technical animator in Walt Disney Imagineering's animation department in collaboration with Walt Disney Animation Studios. My daily life consists of rigging, animation, and tool creation along with figure programming and installation to bring the animatronics to life!

I am currently seeking new opportunities in the industry for software development and/or technical artistry.

Tools & Engineering

Bridges the gap between artists and programmers on cross disciplinary teams.

I enjoy developing pipeline tools to help animators by using programming concepts and generating friendly user interfaces. Aside from software, I am also trained in on-site construction and enjoy learning more about hardware and microcontrollers.

Rigging & Animation

Passionate about bringing characters to life through rigging and animation as a technical artist. I enjoy combining my traditional art background while utilizing technology as my medium to articulate characters through a range of motion. I have applied these concepts to rigs in both animatronics and game development.

Mentor & Lecturer

Served as a mentor for emerging professionals and students entering the industry. I'm excited about helping to nurture new talent and empowering underrepresented groups. I have also given live talks to discuss my industry experience. Please reach out if you're interested in collaborating or learning more!